Doll Stand 14"-22"
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Code: 002
Price: $2.50
Maker: Kingstate
Size: 1 Stand fits 14-22 inch dolls
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This beige metal doll stands fits most dolls 14 - 22 inches tall with slim waist. Wire insert is cushion coated so is a bit thicker than the ususal wire insert, but it won't scratch porcelain. It adjusts to accommodate waist heights between 7.5 - 11.5 inches measured from base of stand to top of wire insert which fits around doll's waist. Approximate waist measurement of 8 inches when wire insert is in lowest position. At the higher position, the top of of insert will stretch a little for slightly bigger waists. Due to the cushion coating on the wire, this wire is thicker than most wires, so if dress is tight, it is more likely to show through, so be sure there is ample room to fit around waist under dress. Diameter of base is 4.5 inches. Fits most 14 - 22 inch porcelain dolls such as Kingstate and other slim waisted dolls. When measuring your doll for a good stand fit, consider its total height, height from floor to waist, and measurement around the waist.

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